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Transmission Oil & Filter change

For most cars the transmission oil should be changed every 70,000 kM in order to maintain proper shifting. Most people don’t know, but the automatic transmission relies solely on pressurized oil in order to “shift” into it’s already engaged gears.

$89.99 by mentioning this, normally $120.00

  • Remove old filter
  • Dispose of old oil
  • Check magnetic strip for particles
  • Report on the transmission health
  • Always check automatic transmission fluids often, top-up if needed.
  • Always have transmission fluid checked & changed every 15,000km to 20,000 km.
  • Always make sure engine coolant is full, cooling system is properly functioning.
  • Never drive a car, even a short distance, while low on transmission fluid.
  • Never ignore signs of slippage, or unusual shifts.
  • Never ‘rock’ a car, or spin wheels excessively, when stuck in snow, mud, or sand.
  • Never force a car, when it’s slipping, a short drive can cost $$$$$$$$$$.
  • Never shift vehicle directions, until car has come to a full STOP.
  • Never do ‘hole shots’, or wide-open throttle take-offs.
  • Never downshift an automatic transmission, ‘manually’ at high speeds.
  • Never put on ‘N’ when stopping at a traffic light, Keep on at ‘D’
  • Check the transmission body for leaks
  • Install new filter
  • Refill transmission with new oil
  • Parts + Labour included in price
  • Valid for MOST vehicles
  • We do replace clutch kits
  • We can also change flywheels
  • Call for quote

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