KC Auto Repair and Services

Safety Inspection

Our shop is approved for certifying vehicles that meet Ontario’s safety regulations.

$80.00 by mentioning this, regularly $100.00.

  • Check horn operation.
  • Seat security & belt.
  • Check blower, heater, defroster
  • Check clutch pedal play
  • Check glass condition
  • Check E-Brake hold ability
  • Check dash lights
  • Ensure 5th tire is locked and secured
  • Check for any visible allignment issue
  • Check tread
  • Check dust boots for leaks
  • Check for non-slip rubber pedal pads
  • Check cab integrity
  • Check gauges
  • Check braking pressure
  • Check collapsable steering wheel
  • Check windshield wipers and washer
  • Check hood latches
  • Check exhaust against leaks
  • Check for muffler delete
  • Check speedometer
  • Check throttle against sticking
  • Check brakes vs skidding(non ABS)
  • Check steering
  • Check brake lights
  • Check turn signals
  • Check backup lights
  • Check headlights
  • Check for illegal tinting
  • Much more…

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